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About Rose

Thank you for supporting small business. Thank you for supporting a dream.


I am Rose. I am a wife, and work-at-home mother to a sweet little Eden Revere. In late 2014, I had just given birth to my son, and I was desperate to be able to stay at home with him full time, but still bring in the extra income that we needed. I picked up a watercolor set at a craft store one day, with no intention of making it anything other than a hobby. I painted my first piece and I was hooked. With only four or five pieces of art, I opened a little online shop, and Earth & Fleur was born. I am incredibly grateful for the success that I had in the year following, and I completely owe that success to YOU! Thank you for supporting my dream - for supporting my precious family!  

A longtime lover of all things creative, watercolor illustration is just one of my many artistic passions, but I have found it the most rewarding to reproduce and share with the world. Much of my inspiration is drawn from my deep appreciation and love of creation and it's stunning plants, animals and landscapes. You will also see many words incorporated into my work - words reach the deepest part of the heart and my aim is to fill your homes with inspiring, encouraging and uplifting words so that truth and goodness will be seen daily by all who dwell there.